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Are Digital Diabetes Prevention Programs (d-DPPs) Effective in Improving Outcomes in Prediabetics?

A RCT with 599 prediabetic patients was conducted to determine the effectiveness of a digital diabetes prevention program in improving weight and HbA1c.

The participants were randomized to:

  • d-DPP group
  • Single-session small-group diabetes-prevention class



Engagement in d-DPPs Was Significantly Related to Improved HbA1c and Weight Loss. d-DPPs can be an Effective Clinical Strategy for Diabetes Support.


d-DPPs: Digital Diabetes Prevention Programs, HbA1c: Glycated hemoglobin.


Katula, J., Dressler, E., Kittel, C., Harvin, L., Almeida, F., Wilson, K., Michaud, T., Porter, G., Brito, F., Goessl, C., Jasik, C., Sweet, C., Schwab, R.
and Estabrooks, P., 2022. Effects of a Digital Diabetes Prevention Program: An RCT. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 62(4), pp.567-577.