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Structured Blood Glucose Monitoring (BGM) vs. Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) – What Leads to Improved Glucose Control?

In a study to evaluate the effective means of glucose monitoring, 114 adult subjects were randomized to either BGM (4 times/day) or CGM (24×7) for 16 weeks, with their diabetes therapies adjusted every 4 weeks. Glucose monitoring led to –


Both BGM and CGM Lead to Improved A1c Control. However, CGM is More Effective in Minimizing Risk of Hypoglycemia.


A1c: Glycated hemoglobin; BGM: Blood glucose monitoring; CGM: Continuous glucose monitoring;

T2DM: Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus


Bergenstal, R., Mullen, D., Strock, E., Johnson, M. and Xi, M., 2022. Randomized comparison of self-monitored
blood glucose (BGM) versus continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) data to optimize glucose control in type 2 diabetes.
Journal of Diabetes and its Complications, 36(3), p.108106.