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Can Foot-Ankle Exercise Intervention Programs Improve Gait Speed in People with Diabetic Neuropathy?

A study with 78 volunteers with DPN were allocated into a control group, which received usual care and an intervention group which received usual care plus foot-ankle exercise program. The results of the study were as follows:



The Foot-Ankle Exercise Intervention Program May be a Complementary Treatment Strategy for Improving Musculoskeletal and Functional Deficits Related to DPN.


DPN: Diabetic peripheral neuropathy.


Monteiro, R., Ferreira, J., Silva, É., Cruvinel-Júnior, R., Veríssimo, J., Bus, S. and Sacco, I., 2022. Foot–ankle therapeutic exercise program can
improve gait speed in people with diabetic neuropathy: a randomized controlled trial. Scientific Reports, 12(1).